Bucks Party Cruise Along the Brisbane River

from $3900 with $10 drinks for up to 50 people

A Yacht Bachelor Party is the Best Form of Pre-Wedding Celebration.

Make the groom’s bucks or bachelor party memorable by having the occasion on a luxury yacht. Enjoy a yacht bachelor party anytime.

Plan Your Perfect Buck’s Party on the Brisbane River

Whether you are the groom or the best man, there are a few points you should take note of to minimise your stress and make the party cruise an event to remember. If you are the best man, before you start your planning, ask the groom what he wants. If he indicates a yacht party (or you offer this suggestion), you can begin with your planning.

      • Predicting the weather is impossible; but as a guideline, the weather is usually warm all year round, even in the Winter days.  By the end of November through December and January, February, it will be humid, and there is often a late afternoon storm. In the winter months of June to August, it may be cooler, but it is usually sunny and dry.
      • Request a quote from us and speak to the guests. Everyone will then know what their share will be unless you want to cover the full amount. If others are chipping in, collecting the amount beforehand to avoid the need to ask for the funds afterwards.
      • Also, decide whether you want to spend three hours out on the Brisbane River, or longer.
Bucks Party Cruise in Brisbane
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What is Included in a Boat Buck’s Party?

Our vessel MV Baroness can accommodate up to 140 guests. We understand that most Bucks parties arent as large as this – so we can offer a sweet deal for smaller groups.  Call Janine on 0433 136 377 to discuss the package.

People Pouring Champagne on Glasses in a Brisbane Party Cruise

Catering & Drink Options

Our staff can offer you various catering options, as well as drinks packages, based on your budget and needs. With a discounted rate orf $2500 and $10 drinks and $15 cocktals – that’s a pretty sweet deal for up to 40-people.

Hourly Rates

You can limit the party to a short time, such as three hours or extend the party and spend the whole day out on the yacht in Moreton Bay. See our pricing or get in touch for more information.
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Booking Enquiries

Please call Janine on 1800 270 946 or email baronessbrisbanebookings@gmail.com


Bucks Party Cruise Brisbane

Do you have a wedding approaching? A bucks party cruise in Brisbane is the best form of a pre-wedding celebration. Make it a bachelor’s party to remember by having it on our luxury yacht.

Whether you are the groom or best man, here are some tips to help you organise this exciting event. If you are the best man, ensure the groom is happy with a bucks party cruise in Brisbane. If it’s a yes, you can move forward with your planning.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Bucks Party Boat in Brisbane

  • Weather forecast: Predicting the weather is impossible, but here are some weather patterns to help you. From November to February, it’s usually quite humid and there are sometimes late afternoon storms. In the winter months of June to August, it’s usually slightly cooler but still sunny and dry. Most of the year in Australia, you can generally expect warm weather. Don’t let the weather discourage your bucks cruise in Brisbane. Check the weather forecast a few weeks before, and make a booking. The MV Baroness is equipped with indoor and outdoor decks.
  • Request a quote: When you request a quote, we can supply you with packages for varying numbers of people, as well as drinks and catering options. When you receive the quote, you can speak to the guests and divide the amount between the total number of people so that each one knows what to contribute. Collect the money beforehand so that you can pay upfront and avoid collection of outstanding fees.
  • Duration: Chat to the groom and the guests and decide how long you would like the cruise party to be. Our options range from three hours to the whole day.

What Is Included in a Boat Bucks Party?

Our vessel, MV Baroness, can accommodate up to 140 people, but we know that bucks parties usually have lower numbers. We therefore offer a wide range of packages for smaller groups.

We also have many catering and drinks options, depending on your budget and needs, and we have a fully licensed bar. With professional catering services, our options range from food platters to pizza to a gourmet barbeque. Find out more on our catering page.

Paying per hour, you can choose to spend from three hours up to the whole day on the yacht. Contact us for more pricing options.