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Luxury Brisbane River Event Boat Hire for the Perfect Occasion

Extravagant event boat hire delivers a memorable experience on the sea. The perfect event is something you remember years after it has passed. Our yacht MV Baroness provides that experience for you. Plan the perfect occasion with our exceptionally trained staff who cater for all your needs.

Take Time off and
Enjoy an Exclusive Yacht Event

We understand the stress and pressure that comes with everyday life. You work hard and are allowed to enjoy yourself. Our exclusive Brisbane River yacht events will help you, your family, and your co-workers experience the river while savouring first-class food and drink. Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy while aboard our event boat during our exclusive yacht events:

      • Swim in the open sea. Swim in Moreton Bay at the iconic wreecks and enjoy the sun while having fun in the cool waters of the ocean. We also have a swim mat available so bring a swimsuit and enjoy yourself. Perfect for the kids and a fun party.
      • Listen to music or even watch TV. We have a flat-screen TV and a Hi-Fi system with iPod connectivity so bring some tunes along and listen to some quality sounds while cruising the waves.
      • Sit on the SkyDeck and enjoy the view. The large and spacious Skydeck gives an excellent view of the River and surrounds. Sit on top and relax as the beauty of the waterways is displayed before your eyes. Use our event boat and relax to the tune of the Bridbane River’s flow.

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Tips For Planning Yacht Events

      • Pick the food for the theme. Depending on the theme you are going for, you need a different choice in menu. While we do sometimes cater to something specific, remember to look at our options, and if it doesn’t suit your theme, you can provide food for your party as well.
      • Use music to accentuate the event. Music is a useful method to get the right background noise when hosting any yacht events. Classical music is perfect for a wedding ceremony, and if you are planning an informal event, electronic dance music goes a long way. Otherwise, the sounds of the ocean are an easy method to create a calming atmosphere.
      • Invite only a certain number of people. 49 is our max capacity, and 35 is where we are comfortable. Make sure to not over-invite for any yacht events as the number of people on a yacht will determine how comfortable or clustered the people on board are.

Booking Enquiries

Please call Janine on 1800 270 946 or email