“I Do”…We Do! Yacht Weddings on the Brisbane River

Dreams are made of this…saying ‘I do’ aboard a luxury yacht as you sail the calm, meandering Brisbane River. There’s not much that will compare to tying the knot on the MV Baroness as family and friends watch you make your commitment.  Let Baroness Classic Charters provide the perfect boat for your wedding preparation and ceremonies – even the reception!

A Brisbane River Yacht Wedding is Unique and Unforgettable

Romance is in the air when a union takes place aboard the MV Baroness wedding boat on the Brisbane River. The fresh river breezes combine with amazing scenery as you motor through the calm river waters creating the ultimate wedding atmosphere and setting. Away from life on land, start your life together aboard the MV Baroness and let Baroness Classic Charters help you organise your celebration of love. Of course, all weddings still require planning for everything to follow along smoothly….

What Is Included in the Yacht Wedding Packages?

Think of the MV Baroness as your one-stop wedding venue.  You may event come aboard early to prepare and do hair and makeup.  Your yacht venue hire price includes a licensed Skipper and safety deckhands as well as bar tenders and a cruise director. Depending on the size of your guest-list,  extra service staff and bar tenders may be required. We open the vessel to accommodate your decorators, caterers and other vendors.

Catering Options

We include catering in our packages!

We include some of Brisbane best caterers in our Gold and Platinum Wedding Packages.

Click on our catering link above for the inclusion details and for the names and weblinks for several Brisbane wdding caterers.  Onboard the yacht MV Baroness,  we have full kitchen facilities with one large oven, huge fridge, microwave, electric frypan, 2-element electric stovetop and a huge BBQ as well.

Spacious Capacity

The MV Baroness has one of the most generous charter capacities on the Brisbane River.  We can handle up to 120-people very comfortably.  However, for ease of movement, we recommend 100 as the most suitable number of guests. The Baroness is perfect for an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family. Please remember, the absolute maximum aboard is 120 and that MUST include your caterers, servers , photographers, videographers and celebrant.

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The MV Baroness is equipped with  a flat-screen television and DVD player in the Sun Room as well as a sourround-sound blue-tooth music sysytem. We have a link to some great Brisbane DJ’s who would love to come aboard and spin some discs for your guests dancing pleasure.   Simple party lights may be added to set the scene for a night of dancing and partying.

Drinks Packages

More info coming soon

Flowers, Dancing, Additional Docking Stops,

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Photography & Videography, Seating options

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Booking Enquiries

Please call Janine on 1800 270 946 or email baronessbrisbanebookings@gmail.com


Yacht Wedding


Are you getting ready to say, “I Do”? Discover Baroness Classic Charters’ elegant yacht wedding options on the beautiful Brisbane River.

Imagine saying your vows aboard a luxury yacht as you sail the calm, meandering Brisbane waterways. Not much else can compare to tying the knot on our magnificent vessel, the MV Baroness, with family and friends watching over you.

So, why not let Baroness Classic Charters provide the perfect boat for your wedding ceremony and reception?

A Brisbane River Yacht Wedding is Unique and Unforgettable

Romance is in the air when a union takes place aboard our boat, the MV Baroness. The fresh and gentle river breezes combine with stunning scenery to create the ultimate wedding setting and atmosphere.

Of course, even your unique boat wedding in Brisbane requires planning. However, instead of stressing, rely on us to create your dream wedding.

Our yacht wedding packages include:

  • Our one-stop wedding venue: Your yacht venue hire price covers a licensed skipper, safety deckhands, bartenders (with extras available if required) and a cruise director. For convenience, onboard facilities include a flat-screen television, DVD player, and surround-sound blue-tooth music system. We can also provide simple party lights for ambience. In addition, Baroness Classic Charters offers a network of sought-after Brisbane DJs to get the boat and party rocking.

Of course, you, your wedding party, decorators, caterers and other vendors are welcome to come aboard early to prepare, dress and do hair and makeup.

  • Catering options: Our Gold and Platinum packages include some of Brisbane’s best caterers; click on our catering link for inclusion details, names and weblinks. Our well-equipped boat houses full kitchen facilities, including a large oven, large fridge, microwave, electric fry pan, two-element electric stovetop and a substantial BBQ.
  • Space, space and more space: The MV Baroness can comfortably accommodate up to 120 people. However, as this space must include your photographers, videographers, celebrant, caterers and servers, we recommend a maximum of 100 guests for ease of movement.

Our luxurious yacht is perfect for more extensive and more intimate weddings. So, don’t delay; book your out-of-this-world luxury boat wedding today.